Heraldic Medallion

Heraldic medallion created last summer for Mistress Molly Schofield. Copper back, copper cloisonné wire, glass enamel with 2020 coating.

This was a super fun project that only took a single night, as I was planning to give it to her at practice the next day. I don’t think I’ve ever had a project come together as smoothly as this one. I am super done with wavy sun rays for a while, though.

Per bend sinister gules and argent, a sun counterchanged.

Autumn’s Inspiration Site Tokens

Site tokens for our local A&S event Autumn’s Inspirations. Wanted to keep with the autumn theme and immediately thought of acorns. The original idea was to make a mould of an actual acorn and cast small charms, but the amount of pewter that would require would be prohibitive. So instead I carved small acorn shaped moulds from soapstone that I once again forgot to take a photo of.

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So clearly I have no real grasp of time or place, as I just now realised I haven’t done a writeup for this project, yet. Since we’ve just passed the one year anniversary, I guess now is as good a time as any, but the details are a bit fuzzy, so it’ll be brief. Ish.

This collar was for not only a good friend, but also my Don, to be given at the time of his elevation to Master of the Order of Defence. No pressure, right? Right. At least there were a few reference images provided in his ICP document, so we had an idea of what he wanted and could work from there.

The mould for the studs was carved, as per usual, out of soapstone, with the shape of his heraldry: a thistle. The initial models were cast using green jeweler’s wax, and I forwent my beloved sandcasting in favour of the tree casting method due to time constraints.

Wax stud tree

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Mini-Project: Vigil Tokens

Vigil tokens cast for the occasion of the elevation of Mistress Christiana Crane, Winter Witch.

Snowflakes, of course.

Playing with these made me feel like the littlest dragon.

Mould cast out of soapstone (GASP!) and cast out of pewter. Originally cast 77 of them (75 with 2 to spare), had them all bagged up and ready for the event, when they went…missing. Found out the night I was supposed to drive to site, so instead of going to set up my tent on staff night and drink, I set up the pewter pot and cast 80 more (77 to replace the originals and 3 for spite). Oh, and drank.

I never did find the originals. It’s likely that I left them in the car overnight and whoever it was that stole all the change out of my centre console took the bag, too. I hope whoever it was gets some good use out of them.


Pair of Silver Brooches that went out at GNEW XXXII.

The first was for Gaius Claudius Valerianus, also known as that guy who lets me invade his shop a lot. Seriously, Gaius is great. He’s talented and generous and he makes great stuff and you should totally go learn more about it.

The two part brooch mould was carved out of soapstone and cast in pewter. Due to some issues with the slab I used for carving, this piece had the most flash I think I’ve ever had to clean off, most of which I ended up doing in Gaius’ shop. With him there. Told him it was for another mutual friend who was also getting his Brooch at GNEW, because we are all of us jerks.

Brooch uses a working pin of sharpened pewter, cast separately. Thunder Wheel made by Fernando Rivera.

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New Kiln Adventures, Lessons in Failure and the Importance of Social Making

A few weeks back I bought a new Amaco FA-5-E kiln for tabletop enameling, but due to various Reasons and living in a small apartment, I’ve only been able to use it sporadically up until now. The first run was a wash, in which I burnt my piece into an unsalvagably crispy cookie. I also wasn’t expecting quite so much burn off and had to open all the windows during an unseasonably cold and rainy evening to avoid chemical suffocation and almost lost my cat into the wilds of the East End. It was…a day.

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An Unintended Maunche

“Hey, Gaius, I need to test out this new kiln, any ideas for a cloisonne pattern?”

“Uhhh, how about a Maunche? Those are pretty simple.”

And thus, we have the most quick and dirty cloisonne creation I’ve ever made. I’m going to be completely honest here, and admit that I wasn’t expecting this to come out well. I just needed something to help familiarise me to my new kiln. And now I’m the proud owner of a surprise Maunche medallion that I can’t use.


Flat copper disc back, 26ga. round copper wire, Thompson’s enamel in Grape and Butter with 2020 Transparent overlay. First attempt at using BluStic and I’m not impressed (also, they’re not kidding when they say to let it dry completely, it will catch on fire once it hits the kiln).

Approximately 15 minutes of wirework, 15 minutes of applying enamel, 2 minutes of “Huh. I made a Maunche. How’d that happen?”

It’s probably destined for EK Royal supply, unless I happen upon an unadorned Maunche between now and Roses.

Tyger, Tyger

The scene: Fall Crown of last year. Seated under the demi-Taj after the fighting, gearing down, Greadden tells me that Sean is getting his Silver Tyger at Birka (yay!) and he plans to hand down his own medallion.

Me: “Do you have plans for a replacement?”

Him: “No, I might just end up buying one from–”

Me: “The [d]uck you will!”

Sometimes I’m bad at setting up for surprises :/

An early stage of carving. Bail was added later and the outer ring was actually carved down, instead of left raised.

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This Is Fine

Twelfth Night part two: the Pelican. In which we find balance between personal customisation and period design and have a helluva lotta fun doing it.

To look at her elevation photos, to see the people who surround and support her, to spend an hour in her presence, it’s abundantly clear that Mistress Molly Schofield is well loved. When I heard of her coming Elevation, I knew there would be no shortage of volunteers to take care of the regalia, so it wasn’t until two months beforehand, while looking through bestiary illuminations, that I realised “I want to make her a thing.” A very specific thing.

Spoiler alert: I made her the thing.

It was actually Mistress Anastasia who first introduced me to dog-on-fire-fine. When I was running rapier at GNEW XXX and she was wearing the autocrat hat, I told her during the planning stages that things were fine.

“Are they fine, or dog-on-fire-fine?”

Sorry, what? And that’s when I was introduced to the first two panels of The Gunshow’s “On Fire”.

It’s a theme around here. And while I can’t recall the full evolution of how it came to be, it’s now a phrase I forever associate with Molly. Maybe it’s the way she looks at you when the whole world has gone sideways and says simply, “this is fine.” But with that face. You know the one. It’s not fine. It’s dog-on-fire fine.

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Sag Badge and “Hair Gizzy”

One of the very best things about getting to make regalia for good friends is the ability to customise the piece to the recipient. This past weekend at EK Twelfth Night, I had the opportunity to do exactly that. Twice!

To start: The Sagittarius. This request came in back in early December for my very own bestest Hausmate Mistress Anna Meckil von Salm, called Mickel, from her husband Master Maxton Gunn, also bestest Hausmate. If you know these two, you know that they embody the word “togetherness”. They appear together, art together, dance together, they were Elevated together and they shoot (often in the finals) together.

But they are also their own separate people and so the goal was to make something complementary to his existing pin, but also unique to her. One thing that springs to immediately to mind– her tendency to keep her bolts tucked into her hair, rather than a more traditional quiver. Since archers often decorate their bows and quivers with the heraldry of their rank and award, I had the idea to build not only a pin, but also a hairstick decorated with the Sagittarius and her own heraldry.

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